In Color

In Color EP

Even though I’ve had In Color for a month now, the new hasn’t worn off; it’s still in my car’s CD changer. (So is Play, and that was quite the pleasant surprise to find in the store; thanks, guys!) Some EPs have been pretty off the wall and I’ve wondered what they were thinking — the fan club seems to get all their extremes both good and bad — but this year was solid Hanson, catchy and fun and up and down. And again, we got a little more that I lament only the fan club gets to hear. Maybe we’re the only ones who’d appreciate it, anyway.

Somebody Who That Wants to Love You: We all heard echoes of something different during the stream, we had a good time talking about it, and then I forgot about the song until I got the EP, which frankly, is the way I like it. The earworm held out until I’d just gotten on the road home and it still felt like Tulsa. Some of Hanson’s songs feel different in context, and this is one of them. I love the imagery in this song, looking back over a long friendship with someone the narrator would like to love — if he still knew her, anyway.

Ghostwriter: Digital Pants meets the Beatles. I didn’t think I liked this one at first — it sounded a little too much like carnival music at first listen — but it was sneaky; it grew on me until I was pressing back on the CD player to hear it again. For some reason the line “and your grammar ain’t poor” just made the whole song for me, maybe because Zac’s grasp of it is so loose.

Reach Out for My Hand: The optimistic message of this song seems to fit well with “I Was Born”: they’re not God, but there’s also no reason we mere mortals can’t and shouldn’t help each other through life anyway. It makes a good metaphor for their music as well, how during troubled times, one can always turn to their songs for some solace. Music heals, no mistake.

I Don’t Want to Go Home: I had way too much to say about this one, so it has its own post here.

I Lift You Up: . . . Wait, what? There’s a song after IDWTGH? Was this the weird heavy breathing stream? Ew. Yes it was. Yes, I’m skipping this one.