I Don’t Want to Go Home

all my friends are here

I didn’t think it was possible to get under my skin more than “Best of Times” until I heard “I Don’t Want to Go Home.” Usually, the eight-hour drive home from Hanson Day is long enough to scratch the new song itch, but not this year. This year, even being home (and back at work) hasn’t really brought me down.

The Livestream was by far the best of this year’s batch; they hooked me almost instantly with that opening guitar riff and as I began to decipher the lyrics, I realized, this is what I say every time I have to go home after a concert. I didn’t even get up when the stream was over; I watched it twice and kept coming back to it all weekend. When we picked up EPs, I practically ran back to the hotel room to listen, heat be damned. I didn’t quite know it was my new favorite song, but I knew it was something.

Bean even commented, “That song so fits you now that I think about it. . . Zac must have read your mind.” It’s a straightforward rock song the way I like them best; I’d say their talent is wasted on something so simple — it’s hardly the most demanding or impressive vocal performance — except that such plaintive, visceral truth is never a waste: all my friends are here, I don’t want to go home. Even driving home with it on repeat and turned up so loud I could feel it, it wasn’t enough.

Sunday night after the Hop Jam, “I Don’t Want to Go Home” was in my head as we hung out on Main Street with popcorn, watching whatever happened to be going down and putting off going to bed because it meant the weekend was over. Monday afternoon, I said goodbye to my friends, dropped two of them off at the airport, and cranked up the song once I got on the freeway. Never have the post-concert blues been articulated so perfectly.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Go Home”

  1. Seriously, this song was written for the fans. Yes, it also works from the perspective of a touring musician, but mostly it’s about us. I love the fact that they totally ‘get’ how we feel at the end of a Hanson event; how they know that it’s not just about seeing them, getting a photo, an autograph, watching a show. They know it’s also about seeing our friends and being with our people, away from reality, somewhere where people understand us.
    It’s also a great rock song, and we both tend to like those 😉

    1. Sometimes I think I can’t like them any more than I already do, and then they do something like this that shows they completely get what they do and what it means to us and I realize I was wrong in the best way. Performing for them and seeing a show for us must be figuratively two sides of the same coin more than we know.
      And yes — Isaac, take note. More rock, fewer ballads, please. (Okay, yeah, right; I’ll take a lead from him any way I can get it.)

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