Nineteen Years of Crazy


Last night was the last stream of the making of Hanson’s EP Loud; whether by coincidence or design, it just happened to fall on Hanson Day, the nineteenth anniversary of Middle of Nowhere‘s release. I watched the stream with Twitter open because half the fun of the streams is the conversation, some silly, some serious, often fueled by some degree of caffeination or inebriation depending on what time it is where we are and tempered by how distracted we are by what we’re watching. This was the last stream, so presumably the video was taken from near the end of the recording process, once they’ve got the song mostly done and working out the last of the instruments.
Amongst some of my friends, there seems to be a consensus that their studio songs end up overproduced. It’s like a pretty person who prefers to wear heavy makeup; it’s fine if that’s what you actually want, but there’s really no good reason otherwise. (Hanson might be the kings of too much of a good thing.) Tonight, we saw the guys recording kazoos (color-coded by their favorite colors, of course). What on earth made them think a plastic whistle that sounds like a horde of angry bees is a sound they would like to include on an EP, I don’t know. Sometimes, I can follow the mental jump from A to B to Z; tonight, I facepalmed and got up for another cup of coffee. But I didn’t turn off the stream. Eventually, they finished with the kazoos and moved on to less irksome sounds.
After nineteen years, this is old hat. Sometimes they get crazy and I’m right there with them. Other times, I can only laugh (or groan), shake my head, and wait for them to finish. Eventually, they always come back around to something worth the wait.

(But seriously, Hanson, those kazoos are really awful. Please consider ditching them. — Everyone.)

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  1. I…. think they did decide it sounded horrible? Maybe I was too distracted by Isaac stretching and showing some stomach lol

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