MMMBop turns 20. . . soon.

Sorry to rain on everybody’s parade, but someone somewhere (read: Wikipedia) made a mistake. “MMMBop” has not yet been released for twenty years. According to Hanson’s official calendars, the album’s release date was May 17, 1996. While Hanson have made mistakes with the dates on these calendars, this wasn’t one of them — in Hanson: The Official Book, it’s also mentioned that the MMMBop album was first made available during Mayfest that year.
If you want to get even more pedantic about the whole thing, though, “MMMBop” as we know it (the sped-up version that was all over the radio) wasn’t released as a single until March of 1997, almost a year later, and Middle of Nowhere dropped May 6, 1997. I won’t pretend MMMBop wasn’t an important album, but its anniversary is only really relevant to the band themselves and the fans who lived in or around Tulsa in 1996. I hopped the bandwagon in June of ’97 and felt like I needed to catch up, but I’m not even celebrating this one, only wondering why anyone else is.
Odds are you haven’t been butchering the chorus for twenty years (but it’s likely you have been butchering the chorus, I do have to give them that). The articles making the rounds at the moment are merely poorly-researched excuses to incite yet another panic of “OMGLOL UR SO OLD!!1” Who actually wants to feel this way? Not me! I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again: good music doesn’t get old. If it still sounds fresh, turn it up and enjoy.

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