Hop Jam 2016 Lineup

This morning, Hanson announced the third annual Hop Jam lineup. The first couple of years, Hanson headlined the event, but to my disappointment, this year they aren’t playing a set. At all. 
Instead, we get four artists I haven’t heard yet plus whoever wins the opening band contest. Just between you and me, I was hoping for Hanson, Paul McDonald, and maybe Carrick or Butch Walker.  I expected different for a festival organized by a band who has introduced me to so many great artists either from recommendations or bringing them along on tour — I expected better continuity. The event may not be about them, but I don’t understand why they would organize a festival in which their own music, ostensibly their primary focus, doesn’t have a place at all, and then expect their fans to be excited to not see them play. Were they drunk when they made this decision?
See, here’s the problem: they tacked the Hop Jam on after our annual Hanson Day fanclub event. For those of you who don’t remember, Hanson Day is actually the sixth of May, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, the Hanson Day event slowly crept down to coincide with Mayfest and Blue Dome Fest, and then Hanson made a big deal about us staying for Hop Jam. Since they played the last two years, the implication was that they would be playing again this year.  Hotel rooms aren’t cheap (especially downtown when three events are happening at once), and I had to book and pay for it months ago to make sure I’ll be able to stay where I want.  I’m lucky enough to have Sundays and Mondays off, but plenty of people don’t, and time off at most jobs is hard to get approved. It was a dick move to wait until most fans have bought plane tickets and booked hotels and organized the extra day off and THEN announce the band we’re traveling to Tulsa to see isn’t actually playing the Hop Jam. They cannot possibly be too busy to take an hour out of their day to lug a guitar, tambourine, shakers, and cajon two blocks and play us a few songs. 
I’ll sit down when I have some time and check out the other artists, and if they pique my interest, I might wander over to catch their set — I’ll only be a couple of blocks away anyway.  But if not, Tulsa is a big city, and there’s never enough time to go everywhere. Busy can go both ways.

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