MOE Part 3 — The Aftermath


Hanson Day fan club festivities were technically over with the afterparty, but the Hop Jam happened Sunday. Last year all the food trucks ran out of everything, so before we went downtown, we went out to Smashburger — not on the Hanson Tulsa guide, but Tara told me about them years ago and they make my favorite burger of all time. We also drove over to Ida Red in Brookside for Cain’s t-shirts and Oklahoma coffee mugs and presents for friends and other odds and ends.
We left the car at the hotel and walked over to the festival. Hops were to the north; jams to the south. I prefer liquor to beer, so I only sampled the new MMMHops farmhouse ale (yup, it was still beer) before we left the tasting area, got bottled water, and found spots near the stage for the bands.


As I said, public Hanson concerts tend to be a different show than fan club ones. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy them — I loved it from the beginning of “Already Home” to the end of “Livin’ on Tulsa Time.” I loved hearing “Thinking of You” (which we don’t have live on CD and I can rarely be bothered to load a DVD to hear), I loved jumping through “In the City” and clapping with “Get the Girl Back,” I loved that Taylor didn’t blow the lyrics of “Roller Coaster Love” that night and then stood back and let the crowd sing all the verses of “Fired Up.” But I didn’t love only getting a single lead out of Isaac and Zac. You can’t have everything all the time.


When the show was done, three days of walking around downtown finally caught up with me. It took a good couple of hours sitting on the curb and standing around talking with other friends we ran into and getting swept up in the moths-to-a-flame crowd that gathers every time any member of Hanson happened to walk by before we finally could be assed to leave.


At the very end of the credits of Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere, Zac says, “Stop watching, it’s over!” It’s such a habit that I’m not sure we can stop. The next morning, after we dropped off Tara, I immediately headed for Quiktrip for a newspaper; as I pulled into the parking lot, I got a text from a friend showing me how Isaac made the front page. At Starbucks, I snapped a picture of the Hop Jam poster still on the bulletin board. (Shortly after, another girl came and took the poster.) During a stop on the drive home, I put together a playlist of songs from the weekend. (It did not include “Another One Bites the Dust.”) I’ve unpacked slowly as the week goes on. I got David to cut off my wristband two days after I got home. The things I bought for my friend are in a stack on my bookshelf, waiting to get boxed up and taken to the post office. I’m still waiting for Zac’s new song to go up on, the USPS to deliver the photos I ordered at the gallery, my feet to heal, and fall tour dates to get announced. The best way to deal with post concert depression? Plan another one.

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  1. If anybody would like to see more photos from the Hop Jam, let me know and I can put up a gallery later. I took quite a few but didn’t want to overload the post!

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