MOE Part 2 — Good Songs

Saturday morning, we passed on the bowling tournament; I can’t bowl and I don’t think Bean and Tara cared about entering. We went to Joebot’s for Hanson lattes, bought t-shirts at Dwelling Spaces, and then went to the I ♥ Hanson pop-up store, where I spent too much money — shirts, posters, a pen set. While waiting with Bean for her things, I realized I hadn’t bought Hansonopoly, so I had to go back and get that, too. Everything else I wanted, they’d sold out of or I couldn’t justify it. We made another meal of cheese fries at Caz’s Chowhouse (unless it’s a scheduled fan club dinner, which we also passed on, there’s never enough time to eat between these events), then lugged all the things we’d bought to Cain’s for the State of the Band. The guys talked about what they wanted to do for their website and how they’ve got a few more collaborations in progress, but the big news was the tour they’re planning for this fall: twenty shows in ten major cities, two shows per city with different takes on the setlist. They also mentioned a cover songs project that may or may not be done in time for said tour. All that money I didn’t spend on paintings and sold out t-shirts instantly rolled over into the tour fund.

Some people lined up directly after State of the Band for the concert, but we went to the hotel to unload our things and snack before returning for the main event. I’m spoiled on these fan club concerts, where we get four leads each out of Isaac and Zac instead of only one, and they dig deep and play songs from old member EPs and Digital Pants and foreign bonus tracks. Some of my favorite songs are ones they didn’t widely release, and it’s only at a members-only show that I’ve gotten to hear “Best of Times,” or “White Collar Crime.” It’s a refreshing change from public shows that focus mostly on the current album and hit singles. Sometimes I feel like only fan club members get to see the best of them, their range and creativity. They played all the songs from this year’s member EP, lots of past EP songs, about four album songs (including my favorite Taylor solo of all time, “Lost Without You;” when someone shouted for him to play a good song, he delivered), and even ended with an a capella rendition of the “Sexy Robot” tangent they went off on during a Livestream last February. Even though they played a full set, it felt like no time went by at all.

Outside, it was raining, the beginning of a massive thunderstorm complete with a tornado watch, but nobody wanted to leave knowing the afterparty was going to be happening any minute.

Hey, @taylorhansonmusic ? Don’t run on Hanson time too long. #HansonDay2015

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We took shelter under a tree until another friend told us to come hang with them under the underpass, where they’d had the better sense to wait it out. We stayed until doors reopened, then ran through the pouring rain to get inside.

Last year, Taylor DJed from the stage; this year he surprised us all by showing up at the sound board in back instead. I can’t dance and only knew about half the songs, but the fun was in hanging out. Even at the sound board, the party seemed plagued with technical difficulties — a pause in the music here, “Another One Bites the Dust” played three times there — and the party seemed to end rather abruptly. At least, that party did.

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