Story of Our Lives

Tonight, I spent some time trying to help a friend with her website layout, figuring out why the loading bar was showing up in the middle of her page instead of the bottom on mobile when apparently nobody else using the theme had this problem. Long story short, we finally copied some code out of the stylesheet into the custom.css to override whatever was wrong with it and magically the bar fell in line. This was the second time we fixed this problem. The first time, we fixed it and said fix evaporated in an update to what had seemed to be a perfectly functional theme.
Breaking what wasn’t broken while trying to fix it sometimes feels like the story of our lives. Back when I got the bright idea to update my phone’s perfectly functional operating system, I had problems then, too. Turned out, you need as much free space on your hard drive as the size of the backup to unpack the backup, but the error code (FU) didn’t bother mentioning that. I was actually without phone service for over a day while I combed Google search results for fixes that didn’t involve throwing the phone in the garbage and buying a new one or driving four hours one way to a company store to let them try to figure out the problem. Another friend wasn’t so lucky, and she did have to replace her phone when the update bricked hers. I haven’t updated my phone since — once I got the new operating system installed, mostly it’s worked. Don’t even ask me about the apps on it.
As I’m writing this, there’s a little banner at the top of the page reminding me that a newer version of my blog software is available and that I should update now. This one’s working fine, thanks. I think I’ll just keep it this way.